Looking for a surgeon in Mexico for VSG?

I can't get approved in the states because of my insurance so I'm looking for a surgeon in Mexico. My BMI is 36.4 and I am very healthy (with the exception of PCOS) otherwise. Because of this I'd have to gain weight to qualify here or develope another medical condition. Who would you recommend in Mexico? I am paying cash so please let me know what it cost and what expenses are covered with that. Thank you!

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Going to Mexico for surgery?

Going to Mexico is always a good option if you are having a hard time through your insurance or looking for a better price. Indeed, like anywhere else, there are many options, some safer so please do your research and look for a safe surgeon, with good outcomes and good standards of quality healthcare. I hope this helps. 

Dr. Alvarez

Mexico Bariatric Surgeon
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Self Pay Cost for VSG

Let me correct a misconception that no American surgeon will do a VSG for you unless you meet insurance criteria.  Most of us would be happy to take care of you were it not for the fact that the hospitals charge so much that the surgery is unaffordable for most.

I take care of many patients in your situation.  We have a reasonable package price for VSG.  Total cost is $11,200.  This includes hospital, anesthesia, and surgeon's fees.  There are no hidden charges.  We don't cover transportation, hotel expenses, or prescriptions.  Contact my office at 248-334-5444 and we will explain the program.

I will add that there are many good surgeons in Mexico, where surgery is much cheaper.  The only problem is that if you have a complication they may not be able to take care of it for you.  Good luck!

Mark Pleatman, MD
Bloomfield Hills Bariatric Surgeon
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