Can Laying Flat Too Soon Post TT Tear Stitches?

I am POD 9. On POD 7 I slid down in my recliner and ended up in an overextended position and excruciating incisional pain that resolved that day. Now I am POD 9 and slid down again (I have leather furniture only). Again I have horrible burning pain below my incision line but this time my belly button is also seeping. Is it possible that I have torn stitches even if pain resolves within 12 hours? My incision is intact without heat/redness.

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Incisional Pain

Thank you for your question. I would recommend finding another place to recline and recover from your surgery.  You may have torn a suture, but it is good that your incision is intact. I would recommend telling our surgeon and asking him to examine you to reassure you. All  the best.

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Followup with your Surgeon

It is highly unusual for patients to tear/ avulse their sutures as tightening of the muscles and ultimately suturing of the abdominal wall is done in multiple layers but it can happen.  It is much more likely that you stressed the areas causing pain and that there is some fluid beneath the abdominal wall that has to come out and is therefore leaking through the incision lines.

You should consult with your physician immediately just to be on the safe side to make sure that is no fluid collection that has to be treated or that an infection is brewing  And P.S. avoid positions that hurt and don't over stress your mid section...I think you'll be fine.

Eric Sadeh, MD
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Questions about a torn suture after an abdominoplasty

It is hard to know if you have torn any sutures or just separated the incision line. You should be evaluated by your plastic surgeon to determine if there is a problem.  The incisions are usually sown up in multiple layers and it is unlikely that you did any real permanent harm to your abdominoplasty.   

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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Abdominoplasty torn sut

It's very possible.  In fact, for the case you describe, assume they're torn.  Stop laying on leather furniture that is going to continue to stress the repairs.  

If they're torn

Ricardo A. Meade, MD
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