Can Juvederm cause headaches and a fairly large lump in my neck (lymph-node; very painful)?

1. I had Juvederm injections (laugh line area) mostly on the left side. 2. I had my teeth cleaned. 3. Then, I began to have intense pain in my head behind my left eye. 4. Then, pain in the back of my head and a fairly large lump appeared in my lymphnode on the same side of the face. 5. I went to emergency> I told them about the filler and the symptoms. They did a CAT scan; everything looked fine. I am on strong antibiotics and have no relief yet.

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Fillers and Pain/Headache After Juvederm Injections

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It is very unlikely that Juvederm is causing your headaches and swelling of a lymph node. I suggest following up with your board certified dermatologist for further evaluation. Best, Dr. Emer

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Juvederm the Cause of Painful Lymph Node?

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Highly unlikely that the Juvederm injection is related to the painful lymph node or the headaches. More likely it's from the teeth cleaning. Teeth cleaning can release bacteria and a small opening in the mucosa can lead to your lymph nodes taking action to clear the bacteria.

Filler injection and headaches

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Juvederm injection should not cause the symptoms you are describing. Actually it maybe more likely that the infection or lymphnode is related to the dental cleaning then the filler injection. That being said, I would recommend that you followup with your injector for an in person examination, at which time he/she can determine that everything with regards to the filler is alright. 

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