How much activity is okay 7 days after a closed Rhinoplasty?

7 days after my surgery is the fourth of july, and there is a fair that takes place in my town that I go to every year. After 7 days is it okay to do some walking and light activity for some of the day? Nothing straining will be done just walking and being in public, and usually it is not very hot on the 4th of july where i live.

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Physical activities after rhinoplasty

I recommend you see your surgeon or at a minimum call your surgeon's office to have that question answered regarding postoperative care. With that said, light physical activity without heavy lifting should be fine 1 week after rhinoplasty. Just avoid perspiring and do not do anything strenuous that would increase your heart rate or blood pressure. It also helps to avoid sodium to bring the swelling down faster. Best wishes!

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Limits of activity after rhinoplasty

The recovery after rhinoplasty is slow. I ask my patients for 6 weeks of restricted activity: no hard exercise where they break a sweat. I do encourage plenty of walking with sun protection.

After the cast comes off, the bigger concern are the people around you. A clumsy elbow or flailing arm can do serious damage to a healing nose. It's best to avoid crowds (concerts, festivals, fairs) until your surgeon tells you it's safe. You've made a huge investment in your nose, so protect it accordingly. Safety comes first. 

Victor Chung, MD
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