T-incision for Submentoplasty Doctor Recommendations

Can anyone recommend to me a doctor in the NY area or CT that does the T-incision submentoplasty? I am not inclined to have a face lift at this point.

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Liposuction can improve neck without T scar.

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Much can be done to improve the neck without a facelift (liposuction, correction of platysma bands, removal of sub-platysma fat, elevation of hyoid bone, chin implant, etc.), but the T excision is very rarely helpful.  I have been down this road.

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Submental and Neck Lift Options

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There are many different options to improve the appearance of the submental area and the neck. They range from liposuction, submental lifts, to lower face/neck lifts. The choice of procedure selected depends on the anatomy and goals of the individual patient. The TZ-incision neck lift is a great choice on a very select group of patients, but usually more limited or more discrete incision options are available. My recommendation is to focus on the appearance and quality of the end result and not as much on the particular technique.

Luis Zapiach, MD
Paramus Plastic Surgeon

T-Z cervicoplasty neck tightening platysmaplasty procedure

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You will have to call.

Be prepared for the scars.

Patients can be very pleased with this limited procedure as long as they are well aware of its limitations and resulting scars.

If you are a male, you may develop cicatricial alopecia (loss of hair in the scar) in the hair-bearing areas of the neck and chin.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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