Syringoma Removal Approx Cost?

I have Syringoma under my eyes and in the tear trough area with a few above my eyelid. I would say there are approx 20-30. My problem is that before I pay for a consultation (£150-200) I would like to have a rough guestimate on what I would end up paying in total. I understand that Doctors wont give me a rough idea for several reasons but I would really appreciate a very rough price range from someone on here as I don't want to pay £150 to then find out I can't afford the actual removal costs.

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Syringoma removal

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  This question is impossible to answer without seeing you or at least photos of you.  Costs in the UK may differ from those here in the US.  If there were only a handful of them, the cost in my office would be rather modest, say ranging $300-$500, and I might even bundle the consultation fee in that.  But if the syringomas are as extensive as you describe, the fees could range to $2000 or even higher. Good luck!

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