Is it normal to still have swelling 8 months post op? Most prominent post workouts and during menses

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Swelling following tummy tuck

Thank you for the question. A certain degree of swelling and bruising that may appear immediately after the procedure is considered normal. In some cases, the healing process may take up to one year. If swelling persists after 8 months, however, I would recommend scheduling an appointment with a board-certified plastic surgeon for a full evaluation of your concern. An in-person exam is always the best way to assess your needs and guarantee reliable medical advice. Best of luck! Dr. Michael Omidi. 

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Swelling 8 months after TT??

Thanks for your question. I have heard this issue before and the swelling can sometimes take 12-18 months to completely resolve because the lymphatic drainage is disrupted by the TT. It may take many months for those lymphatic channels to re-establish themselves. As you are more active, you will produce more lymph and thus possibly swell more. Rest assured that this problem almost always resolves on its own. Best wishes and congrats on your surgery!!

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Swelling after tummy tuck

Sure, it can be normal to have swelling 8 months after a tummy tuck. This should continue to get better with time. Massage may be helpful. Discuss your concerns with your surgeon. 

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Swelling post TT

Thanks for your question.  Swelling after abdominoplasty can last for up to one year.  The fact that the swelling is more prominent after working out suggest that it may be a lymphatic drainage issue.  This should continue to improve over the next several months. An exam by your PS may give you the best answer.  Best Regards,.

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Chronic swelling after tummy tuck

Congratulations on your procedure and thanks for sharing your question. I can appreciate your concern.

It seems that your swelling may be due to lymphatic drainage issues, however physical examination is needed.  Some patients may go as long as 1 year with this issues. Try lymphatic massages to improve the circulation. Try to limit physical activity 
Finally, make sure that your doctor is aware of your process. He should be able to guide you best in your care.

Wishing you the best in your journey

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