Will my hair grow back after no blood flow from wearing a tight stocking cap for three months?

I wore a stocking cap for three months with a hairstyle on top. After taking off the stocking cap there was this line that also was an indent in the front on my headline from the end of the stocking cap. Its been three months now and its still there and when i feel the area and the dent is there and deep. Along the line there is no hair still and i was wondering if it wld grow back ever because it hasnt yet? By the way I am an african american with natural hair. Thanks

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Losing hair

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There is no way to tell if the cause of your hair loss was from the tight sock. You need to see a hair loss specialist to find the cause of your hair loss and the proper receomemdation for treatment. 

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Tight sock on the head for 3 months

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I would doubt that a tight sock could reduce the blood supply to the donor or recipient area of the scalp.  I would ask, why you did this?

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To answer this question, one must see your hair up close and get more info.

Your hair may or may not be regrowable. A detailed exam can help answer that and determine whether minoxidil, topical steroids or steroid injections would be worthwhile. Blood tests for ferritin, 25 hydroxy vitamin D, TSH and CBC and ANA are mandatory if not already done

Jeff Donovan, MD, PhD
Vancouver Dermatologist

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