When/what Symptoms Make Revision Septoplasty a Necessity?

Underwent septoplasty (6 months ago), and since it seems I consistently had under eye tension, headache, breathing "imbalance" feeling, &"moisture" type issue: Dehydrated skin facially, some scalp tension and excessive consistent hair shedding. Surgeon did no rhinoplasty, nose is crooked, but most seem to think as I can move air out of both nostrils I'm fine. Had turbinates resection, no major difference. Lots of yawning. There seems to be no focus on the symptoms or problems associated with a bad or "incompleted" nasal procedure, could anyone please shed some light on what exactly I would be dealing with problematically?

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You present with Many symptoms that have NO relationship to the septoplasty.

Some of the symptoms may be attributed to the air flow dynamics. Consult an ENT surgeon for evaluation of the air flow and those symptoms related to the septoplasty.

At the same time you need a work up of your sinuses, For the headache, tension under eye, may be tension of the scalp may be sinusitis. Need full work up.

Dehydrated skin facialy,hair shedding, nose crocked , Lots of yawning, HAVE NO RELATIONSHIP TO THE SURGERY

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