At 7 weeks my implants seem to have moved medially and to the bottom. Do I Have Symmastia?

I'm a 32 Years old, 5,7", 110 pounds and had undergone BA 305cc cohesive silicone sub pectoral. At 7 weeks my implants seem to have moved medially and to the bottom. I used a home made thong bra for 24 hours and the implants seem to moved back to a better position where the symmastia aspect has almost completely disappeared and the nipples are in a better position. Would wearing a thong bra allow the implant to stay definitely in the desired position or do I need a surgery? Thanks for ur opinion

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It is important to be followed by a board certified plastic surgeon, an in person exam would be needed to assess the tissues and a review of the operative report. Synmastia is very uncommon but it looks close

Breast implants are very close but not true symmastia

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Thank you for your question and photographs. True symmastia is called uni boob because the breast implants are touching and there is no cleavage visible.

However your breast implants are very close together and the left side in particular is close to the midline.

I disagree with others that state that correction of this problem is simple. It certainly can be done but the sutures used to close the pocket near the midline can create dimpling in the skin.

If you are considering a revision discuss this issue carefully with your plastic surgeon.

Surgical correction to extend the pocket laterally is probably indicated.

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You do not have synmastia but the implants reside to far medially. A procedure to extend the lateral border of the pocket is probably going to be necessary.

Synmastia vs medial implants

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Based on the photos that you have shown, I do not feel that you have synmastia.  But based on the same photos, the implants might be more medial than they should be.  This is a correctable problem.  I would first do what you are already doing which is to mechanically make that change with a bra. I have a feeling that this may not permanently correct the problem.  If that is the case, you might need to have the surgeon take a look at this and see if you can actually have it revised.  I would wait for about 6 months or so...before doing more surgery.

Good luck

Dr. Vasisht- South Shore Plastic Surgery

Bhupesh Vasisht, MD
Voorhees Plastic Surgeon
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Again, thank you for the pictures, they do show exactly what you are concerned about. I agree that your implants are not in the midline or communicating underneath the skin, which would be true symmastia, but they were moving towards the midline. The thong bra that you are using appears to be placing them into better position, as you can tell with your nipple position. If that garment is doing the trick, I would continue wearing it to help with your implant position. My only concern would be that at 7 weeks your implant pocket may already be too wide and your implants may continue to wander without wearing a thong bra. Cohesive implants need a small pocket to prevent them from shifting too much. You'll have to see how they behave over the next few weeks. It may be a good idea to continue wearing that bra for a few more weeks and see what happens afterwards, and certainly seek the opinion of your original surgeon in the meanwhile. Best of luck to you.


Derek Lou, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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Do I Have Symmastia?

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Thank you for the question and pictures. Although I do not think that you have symmastia (breast implant pockets that communicate across the midline), I do think that your breast implants are positioned too far medially;  this may be the cause of the skin “tenting” present and the fact that the nipple/areola complexes seem off centered on the breast mounds.

 Although the use of a “thong bra” will not hurt, I am doubtful that it will allow for much improvement.

 At some point, if the breast implants' position  continues to remain a concern, revisionary breast surgery will be necessary.  Correction involves use of internal suture repair of the medial  aspects of capsule around the breast implants. Often, it is necessary to expand the breast implant pocket laterally (outwardly) to allow for correct placement of the implants. This revision will also provide an improvement of the position of the nipple/areola complexes on your breast mounds.

 You may find the attached link, devoted to breast implant displacement concerns, helpful to you.

 Best wishes.

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