Do I Have Symmastia 2 Weeks Post Op? (photo)

hi, i am 2 weeks post op and am getting my stitches out tomorrow morning. (please ignore my comical dressings, its a long story) its not possible to see my PS about this because hes out of state, i got breast lift with 700 cc silicon unders and an areola reduction. i added my prep op picture as well so im asking, do i have symmastia? will it get worse as the implant descend? thank you for any help.

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Do I Have Symmastia 2 Weeks Post Op? (photo) ANS:

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I think you have very big implants and are still swollen so give it more time....It doesn't look like symmastia for far, though....

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Do I Have Symmastia 2 Weeks Post Op?

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Posted photos show NO symmastia only cleave swelling at 2 weeks post op. BTW the result looks great! Please follow up with your surgeon. 

At 2 weeks after a breast lift and 700 cc implants. Do I have symmastia.

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Symmastia is a complication of large breast augmentation when an attempt has been  made to create a cleavage. Looking at the pictures, you do not seem to have this problem but you should be examined by your plastic surgeon and he or she should make that determination. You should always use this site only for general information. 

Symmastia after Breast Augmentation?

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Thank you for the question and pictures.

No, I do not see evidence of symmastia. It is very likely that you have swelling present in the cleavage area;  as the swelling resolves, the appearance of this area will likely improve. I would suggest that you keep in communication with your plastic surgeon and/or visit with a board-certified plastic surgeon in your area for follow-up care.

Best wishes.

Do I Have Symmastia

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With symmastia, the implants are touching. I see a clear separation of the implants. These implants look rather large and that explains the central fill. All the best. 

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Symmastia Post-Op

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Your implants are very close together, but from the photos you do not appear to have symmastia. However, it doesn't hurt to ask your surgeon when you go in for your next follow up visit.

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