Is this Symmastia or tenting? (Photo)

I had a re-augmentation with capsulorrhaphy for lateral displacement and bottoming out 10 days ago. My right breast has a flat side in the cleavage and at the bottom of the cleavage it appears to have the "uniboob" appearance. My PS said it should all work itself out with time. I'm really worried I'll have to go through another revision surgery.

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Is this Symmastia or tenting?

Could be both... But very early and you must understand the risks of correcting a lateral displacement is a medial one! 

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Is this Symmastia or tenting?

Although your concerns are understandable, it is unlikely that you have true symmastia, where the breast implants crossing the line. However, your breast implants are very close to the midline and I would be concerned that you may have some visibility/palpability of the breast implants along the cleavage area long-term. Best to wait at least 6 months before evaluating the outcome of the procedure; if significant rippling/palpability of the breast implant remains a concern, revisionary breast surgery ( possibly with the use of acellular dermal matrix) may be helpful in this regard. You may find the attached link, dedicated to some of these concerns, helpful to you. Best wishes.

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Special bra

An examination would be needed to be certain, but you do appear to have a very narrow intermammary space and possible symmastia.  Your plastic surgeon may want to consider a compression "thong" type of bra to help the implants stay separated during your  early wound healing to help the implants stay separate.  Another revision surgery may be necessary, but that won't be determined until after you finish the early healing period.

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Thank you for the photos and though an exzmination would be helpful you do appear to have symmastia

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