Has anyone got symetrical none painful lumps at the top outside edge of each breast?

Hi I had submuscular implants 3 weeks ago and have noticed a lump on each breast about an inch down from the armpit on the outside edge of the breast. I had silicone implants. Could this be scar tissue in the pocket? Has anyone else got this problem? Thanks

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What could be the cause of Symmetrical painless lumps at the top outside edge of each breast?

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Odds are the lumps you are referring to are the ridges in the shell of your underlying breast implants. ALL breast implants (saline WORSE than silicone filled implants) create shell ridges when placed on their sides (as they are in you when you stand). As a result, the IDEAL implant is one whose base diameter is slightly smaller than the diameter of the breast, allowing the breast tissue to MASK its ripples. If the implant is wider than the amount of breast tissue over it, the ripples will be under the skin and be felt as "painless lumps".  If this bothers you you may require a smaller implant with or without placement of a biological sheet (such as Strattice).

Peter A Aldea, MD

Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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