Will there be success if I've had rhinoplasty and revision I'm wanting to get revision again as my nose is bulbous? (Photo)

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Revision for thick tip

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The tip can be refined by revision rhinoplasty but it is important to understand that thick skin can cause repeat swelling and scarring. You might need steroid injections for a few months after surgery to prevent a thick tip.



Revision Rhinoplasty

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Hi Olly,

 It is difficult to evaluate your nose without more pictures. Pre-op and post-op photos from both surgeries and any other information would be helpful. There can be a successful revision; you should seek a second opinion from a surgeon who has performed many revision rhinoplasties since you are unhappy with your outcome for the second time. I suggest a consultation so you can discuss what changes you would like to make. Take time to look at before and after photos, watch videos that the doctor has created to educate patients, and read reviews.

Dr. S


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There is not enough information at this point to answer this question. When was your previous sugery?  Are there other photos of before and after?  etc..

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