How Do I Fix my Unbalanced Sleepy or Tired Eyes? (photo)

from born my eyes always looked sleepy. but recently, it got more sleepy which became so obvious and I always get mistaken for being HIGH, which was funny at the beginning but I got tired from it. According to my doctor, he said it got more sleepy because I am on steroid ( predneifren) eye drops which I am taking to fix uveitis. I said I would wait till I am fine to fix my sleepy eyes but it seems my uveitis is chronic since every time I stop the steroid in the past two year I have relapse.

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Eyelid ptosis

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From the pictures presented, itappears that you have eyelid ptosis. This can be treated surgically and most likely both eyelid muscles  will need to be repaired. Look for an oculoplastic surgeon with lots of experience in this area.

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Droopy eyelids [ptosis]

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Your droopy eyelids is no doubt compromising your vision as well. Though your steroid eye drop use may make your case a bit more challenging, if you have a chronic need for drops, it makes more sense to address your droopy eyelid surgery anyway, understanding that further surgery may be required in the years ahead.

Find an oculoplastics surgeon near you by using the link below.

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Eyelid Ptosis

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Thank you for your question. You have eyelid ptosis or drooping. It can be addressed with surgery.  You should definately consult with your eye doctor as the uveitis can complicate your recovery.  It probably is best to wait until it has stabilized before undergoing surgery. All the best.

Questions about upper eyelid ptosis

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It appears that you have ptosis or sagging of the upper eyelids.  This can be a congenital condition and can be corrected surgically.  

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Droopy upper eyelids (blepharoptosis)

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You have droopy upper eyelids, called blepharoptosis or ptosis. In course, it is likely related to genetics and the steroid drops. Fortunately, it can be improved by ptosis surgery, which is an outpatient procedure. See an oculoplastic surgeon for evaluation.

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Eyelid Droop due to Ptosis

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Based on the limited view of the photo it appears you have ptosis which can be corrected.  This must be weighed against your chronic steroid use for uveitis. Seek an opinion from a BC oculoplastic surgeon.

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