Polyurethane Implants, Round or Anatomical, Moderate Profile?

Im undergoing a revision due to CC using polyurethane implants. My new surgeon recommended them and has the experience. Current anatomical implants dimensions: W11.7cm H12.2cm Pr4.7cm 300cc, much too small and too wide apart. Goals: much larger breasts, cleavage, lower fold. My surgeon recommends 410cc high profile anatomicals (12.9cm base hw). Is this a big enough increase to achieve my goals? Alternatively should I use 470cc X-high profile (base 12.9cm) or round implants at 440 or 495cc?

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Polyurethane Implants and Size

      An increase of 110 cc would be about half a cup increase,  whereas 195 cc increase would be a full cup size. 

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Polyurethane implants in US

Polyurethane implants are not available in the US and I can not say without an exam what size and shape of implant would be best for you.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Polyurethane Implants, Round or Anatomical, Moderate Profile?

Without at least a photo I find myself unable to make a useful suggestion. A increase of 100 cc would be noticeable, but certainly will not make you "much larger."  Estimates of cup size increase range from 150-250 cc per cup size, but this is always a guess. 

To help pick a size, trying filling a stocking with rice, use it as a filler in a stretchable sports bra, and figure out the volume you need to get to your desired size. With that info and finding made on breast exam, your surgeon can help pick out the size most likely to get you to your goal.

Thanks, best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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Polyurethane Implants, Round or Anatomical, Moderate Profile?

Al though the recent study shows polyurethane implants to be one of the best in the long run. They hold the shape well and stay but without migration or relocation .What ever is your presentation physically and what ever is your desire about the shape you should go by that. Your PS is the best adviser on that issue sine he is the one who has examined you and not we who just have a question.

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