What to Do if Original Surgeon is Being Rude and Negligent? What Should I Do? Please Help

I did a simple suture technique double eyelid procedure. i am very unhappy with the results,the creases dont match. I informed this surgeon that my eyes are naturally slightly asymmetric and to take into account when making the precise measurements. He did none whatsoever, as Channel 10 was about to film his clinic, he began to rush me onto the operating table. I began to cry as I was very scared/worried the result would not turn out right. He then ignored me while the nurses reassured me.

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Eyelid revision

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The human face is naturally asymmetric, including the eyelids. There is no amount of surgery that can make us exactly equal, even with the best surgeon.

If you are unhappy with your results, sit down with your surgeon and review your before and after photographs to see if any improvement can be made. If he/she refuses then ask for a second opinion from a different surgeon.

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