What is wrong with top left nose bridge after revision rhinoplasty? (Photo)

My top left bridge (on the right side in the photo) is lower in height than the right side so the overall effect is it looks scooped. It makes the left eye look much further way to the the nose bridge than the right eye so assymetry and balance is an issue. I had revision rhinoplasty done in may 2016 and Im not happy with the outcome.

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Asymmetric nasal bridge

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It is difficult to evaluate this without an examination with palpation. It looks like there is a "step-off" where the left nasal bone fractured at a higher place than the right and healed too far towards the right. If that is the case one could redo the bone cut (osteotomy) probably with an "inside-out" perforating approach to move it out and preserve support.  A simpler alternative is to camouflage the depression at surgery with cartilage from the nose or ear.  Alternatively one could get temporary improvement with injectable fillers without surgery.  Once more a detailed examination would be required to make an informed recommendation.

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