Vaginal reconstruction/restoration and advice needed. (photos)

Vaginal canal completely changed, perineum changed & urethra repositioned - everything feels blocked. Can surgery fix this? I never had this penis looking opening before a gynaecology surgery and want to know if I can get it surgically removed along with the 2 inner flaps at the back which I never had either. Bowel and bladder issues since. Clitoris has gone numb since also. No vaginal births. Do I see a gynaecologist or plastic surgeon or urogynaecologist? Willing to travel overseas if need be.

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No idea what was done to you & why...

From your post I have no idea if or what you had done surgically and why you had surgery. Please re-post:  Did you have previous surgery? Why; when? What was done exactly? Your first 3 photos look entirely normal; your urethra is where it should be. What??? Who "stitched you" & why?


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Vaginal reconstruction/restoration

It is difficult to say based on this information.  I see what appears to be your urethral opening with some tissue folds along the sides.  In order to give more specific information, I would need a detailed history and physical examination including details of your previous surgical procedure.  From there, a plan can be developed to help you.  You should consult with a plastic surgeon who performs this type of work, a urogynecologist or a gynecologist.  

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Advice needed for Vaginal concerns

You have vaginal, vulvar, bowel, and bladder concerns without having had a vaginal delivery . You also had surgery for reasons you did not specify. You have both functional and aesthetic concerns as well. Too many details missing to provide you with a specific answer other than you should seek out an experienced reconstructive and cosmetic vaginal surgeon, preferably a urogynecologist who specializes in vaginal rejuvenation. Plastic surgeons have no experience in addressing your pelvic floor concerns.

See link below for information on the type of training and experience that is recommended of specialists who perform these procedures.

Best of luck,

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Vaginal reconstruction with bowel and bladder issues

Thank you for your questions and photographs. Without more specific information regarding the type of surgery you underwent, it would be difficulty to provide you with the type of advice you are needing. Having said that, you will be in good hands with a urogynecologist who is board certified in Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive surgery. The urogynecologist will be able to perform an exam, obtain a detailed history and provide you with optimal treatment options. If you have access to your prior records and operative reports, these will help provide your doctor with additional information to better treat you. Best of luck. 

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