Is this a spitting stitch or anything to be concerned about? (Photos)

I am 15days post op of TT and Lipo to flanks. Healing is going well but I noticed this small tiny hole (1st photo) 3-4 days ago and had been cleaning and putting high active Manuka honey on it and covering with gauze. The redness has reduced and it has gone down to this pin hope size (second photo). Sometimes a little white ooze comes out when changing gauze but nothing that looks infected or anything. I'm Wondering if it's not closing as there may be a a dissolvable stitch coming through?

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Is this a spitting stitch or anything to be concerned about?

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Thank you for your question and photographs and congratulations on your surgery.  I agree that this appears to be a suture related issue to your incision line which should resolve spontaneously once the stitch is removed.  Call your surgeon's office and ask to be seen in person for appropriate diagnosis and treatment (sooner if your redness, pain, or swelling worsens).  Hope this helps.

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