Seeking an early assessment of nostril asymmetry following septorhinoplasty? (Photos)

I understand it is still early, but I'm sensing an asymmetry in the way that my alae have been stitched up and I'm concerned the asymmetry will not resolve after swelling goes away and the skin contracts. Their relative depths appear to differ. While my nostrils were not perfect pre-op, they were certainly of much more comparable depth. I'm concerned I will be left with one smaller and one larger nostril. Does anybody see a surgical asymmetry that goes beyond swelling discrepancies?

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Nostrils 3 days postop

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It is way too early to tell. You would be surprised how much can change as the nose heals and the swelling resolves. Nostril asymmetries are very common and usually improve. Keep a positive attitude and best of luck going forward.

Washington DC Otolaryngologist

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