Sagging skin under chin. Any suggestions? (photos)

I have lost around 35kg and used to have a very full face. Now i am left with sagging skin which even wrinkles at times. That makes me feel terrible about myself and ages me. Is there anything non surgical that would work for me such as laser etc. Or will I have to save the big bucks for a neck lift? Please give me a rough idea on the cost of relevant treatments/surgeries. Thank you.

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Non-surgical treatment options for sagging skin under chin

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One non-surgical option to help with sagging skin under the chin would be Ultherapy.  This is an office treatment that uses ultrasound waves to create heat, which leads to tightening and lifting of the tissues under and in the skin.  It normally does not produce results as dramatic as surgery would, but could still give you improvement.  

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Nonsurgical Neck Lift

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Congratulations on your successful weight loss and thank you for sharing your photos.  There are a number of nonsurgical ways to tighten your neck.  Based on your photos, you may consider using a neuromodulator (#Botox, #Dysport, #Xeomin) to first address the neck bands.  This procedure is called the Nefertiti Lift and can be performed in less than 5 minutes with an physician with significant experience with neuromodulators.  After two weeks if you still see some loose skin, you can consider a variety of technologies including radiofrequency (RF), ultrasound, microneedling, or laser.  You may also be a candidate for fillers (#Juvederm, #Voluma, #Volift, #Vobella, #Restylane, #Belotero) and collagen stimulators (#Sculptra, #Radiesse) I use a combination of these technologies depending on the amount of loose skin.  For many of the mentioned solutions, there is absolutely no down time.  Most of these solutions cost a few hundred dollars.
As with any cosmetic procedure, please interview your physician to check their actual experience with multiple devices.  The more knowledge and experience the physician has with several modalities, the more likely he or she will offer you a customized approach that is the best for you.
Best of luck,Suneel Chilukuri, M.D.Houston, Texas
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