Another Revision Rhinoplasty gone wrong, Can it be fixed? (photos)

I just had a 3rd rhinoplasty, rib cartilage was used in my nostrils, columellar & spreader grafts. 2 yrs post op now & my nose is crooked & looks terrible & right nostril is blocked. At a recent consult a new ENT/PS said he can fix breathing, remove bump & reduce bridge to improve it. He said the graft isn't holding the tip up and he might try string. Is this technique reliable? Any advice how to improve how my nose looks most appreciated- I'm so worried it could go from bad to worse.

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Revision rhino

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there certainly looks to be a major problem . You are likely to need a full revision and likely more rib cartilage to replace the cartilage used as it looks to have moved, warped. The septum remains very deviated with a tilt to the left when viewed from below. All this should assist with breathing. A "string" or stitch will be a waste of time and money in my view

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