Do I require a facelift for my sagging cheeks? I hate the sagging around my mouth. (Photo)

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Fillers for nasolabial folds

Although you don't state your age, it looks like you're still young. I recommend you try nonsurgical treatments first to address your nasolabial folds. You can try fillers, which are very effective in smoothing away these folds. 

Paramus Plastic Surgeon
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Sagging face

I think you look perfectly fine and shouldn't consider surgery for many years.

If you want to rejuvenate your mid cheek and mouth region, then you are an ideal candidate for non-surgical modalities, such as anti-wrinkle injections, filler and skin care regime.

I hope this helps and good luck.

Pouria Moradi, MBBS, FRACS
Sydney Plastic Surgeon
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Do I require a facelift for my sagging cheeks?

Thanks for your question and photos. I don't see much skin looseness or soft tissue laxity in your face. That being said, I suggest injectable fillers to address the sagging in the cheeks.

Dr. Mentz

Henry Mentz, MD, FACS
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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Too early for a facelift

It appears from your pictures that you have very early lower face laxity.
This would probably be better addressed with nonsurgical treatments such as skin tightening devices and injectable fillers. I would recommend consulting with a facial plastic surgeon to determine the best option.

Mark Hamilton, MD
Indianapolis Facial Plastic Surgeon
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volume loss.

 You do not have skin laxity at this time but rather demonstrate a loss of volume around the mouth and cheek area. This can create deepening of the nasolabial  crease and make it appear as if your skin is sagging. Find a reputable surgeon who is board-certified to discuss possible fillers in the cheek and nasolabial area.

Christopher Khorsandi, MD
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Do I require a facelift for my sagging cheeks? I hate the sagging around my mouth.

You are too early for a facelift.  You could try injectable fillers or fat grafting to replace to volume loss.  An Ulthera may also be beneficial if added to volume replacement.

Stephen J. Ronan, MD, FACS
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon
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You would be a good candidate for fillers or Ultherapy

Your photos show some early changes of volume loss and laxity around the mouth.  These can usually be treated effectively with Voluma and Juvederm injections.  You may be thinking about surgery, but starting surgery too young may not be the best answer.  Ultherapy can provide a nonsurgical improvement that is safe and effective.

Bharat Shah, MD, FACS
Springfield Plastic Surgeon
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Adding volume to your face with dermal fillers is a better option than a facelift.

You are very young and do not need a facelift.  The sagging that you see in your cheeks and around the mouth is due to volume loss in the mid face.  The use of dermal fillers such as Voluma or Perlane can give you a nice result.

Sagging cheeks and jowls

You don't appear to be "ready" for a facelift as the potential benefits weighed against the cost and recovery are not there yet. In our practice we would recommend seeing our skin care consultants and start with a really good skin care program and possibly an in office skin peel, IPL, etc.. also perhaps fillers in the nasolabial folds or cheeks might be beneficial.. Thanks for the commonly asked question !

G. Wesley Price, MD
Chevy Chase Plastic Surgeon
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Sagging cheeks and jowls

You are kind to post a photo and appear young with mild oiliness possible pigmentation, volume loss and laxity of the skin and underlying tissues. You may have lost weight giving you this appearance also.  It is best to undergo a proper evaluation including your concerns, medical and surgical history, examination and budget are all required to provide a realistic response.

Various options for facelifting and skin texture improvements are available according to the skin laxity and areas of lift or tightening you wish or need. Both surgical and minimally invasive / non-surgical options are listed below.

1.Surgical lifts would be likened to pulling the bedspread and or top-sheet of your bed up to the head-board and removing the excess material.
2.Minimally invasive procedures such as fillers provide volume such as adjusting a pillow under the bedspread.
3.Botox and Dysport act by pulling the top-sheet which drags the bedspread upwardly. If the bedspread (or skin) continues to fall to the foot of the bed despite fillers, Botox or Dysport you will need to consider a facelift.
4.Minimally invasive procedures such as Sculptra will firm the bedspread with improvements in folds, lines and wrinkles.
5.Non-invasive options such as laser and light therapies, skin tightening products and technologies perform their tightening and smoothening of the skin similar to sending your bedspread to the dry cleaners. A more refreshed, even colored, glowing smoother and tighter spread covers the surface of the bed. 

My thoughts for you would start with a therapeutic skin care program such as ZO Obagi Skin Health, IPL and fractionated erbium laser and filler injections. Properly performed by a well experienced injector with proper skills you would achieve better facial balance, reduction in folds and improvement in skin texture.

I hope this has helped.
All the best!

Dean Kane, MD, FACS

Dean P. Kane, MD, FACS
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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