Quick alternatives to fixed braces - overcrowding. (Photos)

I really don't want to have fixed, visible braces. What other alternatives are there to fix the overcrowding and protruding canines? Would veneers be suitable?

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Accelerated (propel) Invisalign + veneers for a smile makeover

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I would suggest seeing a dentist for an invisalign consult as an alternative to fixed braces prior to veneers and crowns.  This will deliver the most aesthetic results for your gum lines, tooth position and angulation and overall smile.  In addition, aligning the teeth will minimize the amount of tooth reduction needed for the veneers.  Also, look into propel accelerated invisalign tooth movement.  This will greatly reduce the time needed to align your teeth prior to veneer treatment.

Good luck!

Quick Alternatives to Fixed Braces

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Great photos!

Invisalign is an alternative to braces, but not a quick one.

Veneers and crowns could work for you, in the hands of an experienced cosmetic

dentist. You would require a number of veneers, on the uppers and lowers, to create the

smile of your dreams. That would be the quickest solution, and the biggest financial investment!

Charles Briscoe, DDS
La Jolla Dentist


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Invisalign would be my recommendation.  Your teeth have a nice shape and contour.  Plus they don't look discoloured.  Invisalign would be the most conservation option. The quickest but most agressive option would be to veneer/crown the majority of your teeth.  With the degree of misalignment that you have - you may need a few root canal treatments to obtain acceptable esthetics.  Please get a consultation with an experienced cosmetic dentist to get all your options.  Good luck!

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Alternative to fixed braces

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Good question.  I would also explore the option of invisalign before doing veneers.


Dr. Maddahi

Kourosh Maddahi, DDS
Beverly Hills Dentist
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