Ptosis surgery - 3 months post op looks awful. Help please? Self-esteem taking a hit. (photos)

I had ptosis surgery done in july and now its mid october. Ive posted up photos of how it looks. So far my doctors suggestion is to sit still and wait it out. But to be honest i feel like the surgery did more bad then good. And to be honest its getting to me. I understand if there is still drooping that just means i need revision. What i dont understand is with the swelling gone, why is my eye lumpy and larger? The lid is twice the size of the other one. Whys that?

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Possible revision eyelid ptosis surgery

Best to see an oculoplastic specialist for evaluation. You may benefit from revision ptosis surgery or other nonsurgical options. See following link.

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Correction Droopy Eyelids (Ptosis Repair)

Thank you for sharing your pictures. At 3 months from the surgery the swelling should be gone and not a contributing factor. You do have some residual ptosis and revision surgery will be needed. At this point you should look for a second opinion. Good luck.

Jose Rodríguez-Feliz, MD
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Post op ptosis

You are a little low still - this might improve up to 6 months, but I think you are going to need some sort of revision.  The incision seems to be a little high but the scar should improve with time.  If  you have a revision they can try to use the original lid crease to do the incision which should help.   

John J. Martin, Jr., MD
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Unhappy with ptosis repair

Sorry to hear that you are unhappy with the results following your eyelid surgery. There is still time for the scars to improve. It is not clear exactly what surgery was performed. It looks like some skin was excised as well. Speak with your doctor in a few months to discuss possible treatment solutions. Good luck,

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