2 months post-op ptosis surgery. Weird enormous swelling? (Photos)

It has been two months. I had a droopy lid in my left eye that would exaggerate when i was fatigues or lacked sleep. My doctor told me the swelling would go down in 8 weeks. It has been more then 2 months and as you can see this is what it looks now when im fatigued. When im not fatigued its there too just not this much. My doctor isnt being very specific in fact he even said the swelling wont go down anymore and to "sit still" for now. It looks even worst then before. Is this swelling normal?

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Eyelid swelling after ptosis surgery

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At two months post-operatively, there may still be a little swelling but what you're noticing is NOT swelling, it's a higher eyelid crease. You are seeing more of the "eye shadow space" on the left upper eyelid than on the right upper eyelid and this is giving you the illusion that the left upper eyelid is "swollen." In the last picture with your eyelids closed, you can see the incision line on the left upper eyelid is higher than where your crease is on the right upper eyelid. Give your eyelid more time to heal (at least 3-6 months) and then discuss with your surgeon if it's possible to lower the eyelid crease on the left upper eyelid/ This will result in a more symmetric appearance. Good luck!

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