Pre BA- too fat and not enough definition around my breasts?

Hi, I am 23, 168cm tall and currently 75kgs. Wearing a size 14A bra, I am for breast augmentation on the 12th of July! Very excited however my surgeon has said that my results may be "sub optimal" due to a lack of definition around my breasts and had suggested that I lose 5kgs. Can someone please explain what definition around my breasts is, and how losing 5kg will help this? Thanks

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Breast definition

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Thank you for your question.
Sometimes when you have small breasts with only a small amount of breast tissue with more fatty tissue sometimes you don't have a defined breast shape, although form your measurements I would not say the amount of fat you have is excessive, also having an implant in will improve the shape and definition of the breast. it is always recommended that you are of a healthy BMI for surgery and that you keep your weight stable after surgery to maintain a good cosmetic result.

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Breast shape

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Thank you for your question! Based on your height and weight, your BMI is 26.57 which is considered slightly overweight. It is recommended to have a healthy BMI (18.5-25) and to be weight stable.  In the context of your surgery, the problem is not your BMI, but the distribution of fat. Based on your discussion with your surgeon, it may be that you have more fat in your breasts which is hiding the shape and outline of your breast tissue. It is similar to how belly fat can hide the “definition” of your abdominal muscles until you burn the fat in that area. Breast tissue is a glandular tissue that originally gives shape to your breasts and over this breast tissue (under the skin), there is fat, and the amount of fat can change. If there is less fat, the breasts will look perkier and tight, otherwise, they may be saggy, stretchy, and appear as if they are hanging off the chest. There are generally 2 body types: gynoid and android A gynoid body type has fat concentrated below the waistline, in areas such as the hips, thighs, legs. An android body type has fat concentrated above the waistline, in areas such as the arms, axilla, back, hips, tummy, and breasts. I suspect you may have an android body type and if so, you can benefit from a liposuction (fat removal) especially because very commonly patients will have particular fat reserves that are the 1st set of areas in which they gain weight and the last set of areas in which they lose weight. This phenomenon is allocated to something called Fat Memory. Nevertheless, reducing your weight will decrease the fat in your breasts and may improve the breast shape in addition to the improvement brought on by the implant. As always, follow the advice of a board-certified plastic surgeon. Hope this helps.

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Weight Loss and Breast Augmentation Results

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Based on the measurements that you have provided, you could be overweight enough that the shape of your implants will be hidden under fat and less visible. Many people lose fat from the breast area when losing weight and so this could allow the shape of your implants to become more apparent. A Physical exam is needed to talk about the specifics of your body. I recommend that you discuss your questions further with your Plastic Surgeon.

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