Can plastic surgeon do uterine, rectocele, cystocele repair and vaginoplasty/labiaplasty safely? Or do I need an OB-GYN?

After birthing 3 children, I have been told by a local ob-gyn that I need to have my uterus, bowel, bladder lifted up and my vagina tightened back in again. I also asked him if he could do labiaplasty and he said yes, but he has no before and after pictures so I am not sure if I trust him to do a good job aesthetically due to possible lack of experience. I would like to see a cosmetic surgeon to do all of the procedures at once, but I don't know....

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Loose vagina after childbirth. Choosing a surgeon. Gynecologist or Plastic Surgeon for cosmetic vaginal work.

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Dear Soul 2013,

I 100% agree with Dr. Pelosi (see his answer...)

Plastic surgeons are expert at plastic technique and reconstructive surgery all over the body, including the vulva if they have been trained in that area. However, the vast majority of Plastic Surgeons (yes, there are exceptions!) are not trained in pelvic floor reconstruction. Gynecologists are experts at intra-vaginal surgery (cystocoele; rectocoele), but the VAST MAJORITY of general Gynecologists have RECEIVED NO TRAINING in either plastic technique or the specialty surgeries of Labiaplasty, aesthetic hood reduction, or the type of plastic/reconstructive work necessary to do a proper tightening operation with aesthetically pleasing perineal appearance.

Yes!  You can combine a labiaplasty with a reconstructive and aesthetic vaginal tightening procedure that deals with both your labial, pelvic suopport, and lax vaginal issues.  The right person (and there should be someone to fit the bill in Sydney) is a COSMETIC GYNECOLOGIST or a Urogynecologist who is savvy and also trained in aesthetic work (**MOST Urogynecologists, like most general Gynecologists are not so trained.)

Whatever you do, do not let a general Gyn who has not taken a course in Cosmetic Genital work (or has not done at least 25-- 50 is better-- procedures) and does not have a viable number of his/her own "before and after photos, and cannot give you the abiity to speak with at least 2-3 of his/her own patients, operate on your genetalia.  Remember: you have only one chance to "Get It Right!"  Fixing "botched" or substandard work is expensive and a huge hassle!

Please click on the link below for more in-depth information...

Very best,

Michael P. Goodman MD 

Can plastic surgeon do uterine, rectocele, cystocele repair and vaginoplasty/labiaplasty safely? Or do I need an OB-GYN?

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Dear Soul2013
You need a Gynaecologist who specialises in such procedures, a person with Laparoscopic expertise would be essential as many of these operations can be done via Keyhole surgery. Some OBGYN's do Labiaplasty as well. One option is to get the Plastic Surgeon to do the Labiaplasty
Hope this helps

Pelvic Floor Reconstruction + labiaplasty

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Everyone who does aesthetic procedures and takes their work seriously takes photographs before and after. The lack of photos is telling you what you already suspect. You have no idea of what your labia would look like with a procedure done by that surgeon. So, pass on that idea. Have it done at a later time elsewhere. It's worth the inconvenience. Plastic surgeons don't do pelvic floor reconstructive surgery, but there are gynecologists around who do excellent labiaplasties as well as the pelvic floor surgery that you need.

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