Multiple issues 11 months post Rhinoplasty/septoplasty. Suspected Nasal Bossae on left nostril? (Photos)

I had rhinoplasty/septoplasty 11months ago. I noticed major asymmetry of my nostrils and the tip as soon as the dressings were removed. I am seeing my surgeon next Friday, and want to have some info before I go. He tends to treat my concerns as though they are over exaggerating. I see MAJOR issues. My nostrils are EXTREMELY uneven, tip uneven and I have a lump on the incision line which I was told is cartilage. I think I DEFINITELY need revision surgery. I think I have Nasal Bossae (knuckling)

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Revision Rhinoplasty Considerations

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A full set of clinical photos would be helpful with regards to your questions and you do not appear to have classic nasal bossae. An in-person examination and review of your primary surgery is needed before really understanding your case. However, in my view, you may benefit from a revision rhinoplasty to address the following areas; 1. right nostril is concave at the alar rim showing poor support. An alar batten or alar rim or composite graft may be needed to correct. 2. the columella appears retracted and the infra-tip lobule is too prominent. Revising this area may require a cartilage strut graft or septal extension grafts. 3. the supratip and nostril appear somewhat full and asymmetric. Revising this may require improving cartilage symmetry with sutures, trimming or grafting. Approach your appointment professionally and calmly with the expectation that you can have a meaningful dialogue with your physician about your options. Best wishes on your potential revision

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