My lips have ruined my life. Well teosyal ultimate did. How long will hylase keep working?

I had teosyal ultimate injected into my lips about 2 months ago and I absolutely hated the results of my lips. The were petruding and so big I looked like a freak. Since then I've had hyalase injected twice and yes it has somewhat worked but I still wake up with the top lip double the size of my bottom lip and hangs over. Swelling takes hours to subside every morning and some days it does not go down. I believe ultimate is not supposed to be used in lips. How long will hylase keep working?

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Hylase and lips

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Hi there, 

Hylase has a half life of 48 hours. I would go to a board certified plastic surgeon who has experience with using the dissolvent. If the product is this as it is with teosyal ultimate it might take a couple sessions of hylase in order to fully dissolve the product. 

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