Is it possible to lengthen the eyes just a little?

I would like to know if it is possible at all to lengthen the eyes slightly. Could this be done endoscopic ally? As I am from Sydney, Aus, I would appreciate feedback from an Australian surgeon.

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Yes, it is possible

I assume you mean is it possible to widen horizontally the palpebral aperture (the opening between the eyelids.)  This can be performed by means of an internal canthoplasty, with a small incision in the upper lids and approaching the lateral cantonal tendon for tightening through a short subcutaneous tunnel. Alternatively, it can be done directly through an small incision just outside the lateral canthus, which heals very nicely. Both techniques involve tightening, shortening or redirecting the lateral cantonal tendon without disrupting the actual lateral canthus, which results in a subtle lengthening, or widening, of the palpebral aperture.

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