Infected suture from otoplasty using stitch method. Should I get this reviewed to avoid further infections.

I had otoplasty using the stitch method 4 months ago. One of my permanent sutures is visible and has been drawing a little bit of blood? It is a little bit red and tender to touch. I've been given antibiotics for the infection. Because the suture is visible am I more prone to infection? Should I get this reviewed? Will the doctor only remove the visible stitch and re-do it, or will he need to work on the whole ear again?

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Infected suture from otoplasty

An exposed thread or suture must be removed because otherwise it can cause further infection. Whether a new thread will have to be inserted, depends on whether the ear protrudes again after the removal of the thread. However, a new thread can only be inserted if the ear is free of inflammation. The ear will become free of inflammation quickly after the removal of the thread.  

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