I am a singer seeking Rhinoplasty. Will the procedure change my voice at all/affect my ability to sing as I do now?

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Does rhinoplasty change your singing voice?

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Hi there.  Great question.The answer is it may change the way the voice resonates because the nasal airway changes slightly. Although not usually noticeable (it may even be an improvement), if you make your living with your voice it is a very serious consideration. You must discuss it with your surgeon and take a balanced approach.
Would I operate on Barbara Streisand's nose in her heyday? Not without very good reason.I hope this helps.

Singer seeking Rhinoplasty. Will the procedure change my voice at all/affect my ability to sing as I do now?

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 Hi, I have performed many Rhinoplasty Surgeries over the past 30 years on singers, actors and actresses.  Singers and this that hope to or do make a living with their voice should have their vocal cords protected by using an LMA (not an ET tube) during a general anesthetic.  This avoids possible injury to the vocal cords during intubation and extubation.  It's always a good idea to discuss that you are a singer with your Rhinoplasty Surgeon as well as anesthesia provider.

Hope this helps. 

Will a rhinoplasty change my voice ?

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In most cases, rhinoplasty does not change the voice, as long as the airway is not compromised. In those singers who have a "nasal" voice, there may be a more pronounced change than those singers who sing from there vocal chords, lungs, etc.So if you have a particular tone, style to your voice, then you may notice a change.

Rhinoplasty and Singing

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As a general rule rhinoplasty will not change a singing voice. But that may depend on the type of rhinoiplasty being performed, particularly whether internal nasal airway resistance is being changed.

Singers and Rhinoplasty

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in a well performed rhinoplasty, nasal airway preservation or improvement should be possible. If you are a singer, there should only be improvements to your vocal resonance by opening it up. Additionally, many singers will expand their upper range after surgery. These changes are only a problem if you are a singer known for a style, like jazz, where a closed resonance may be performed. 

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