I would like to have a rectocele, cystocele and vaginal tightening with labiaplasty. Is a gyno or plastic surgeon best?

What are the pros and cons between a gyno and a reconstructive specialist plastic surgeon for a rectocele, cystocele, vagina tightening and labiaplasty procedure? Thanks in advance

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Better choice of specialist for pelvic floor repair

The best dr is the dr that has had adequate training and experience in that kind of surgery regardless of whether he/she is a plastic surgeon or gynecologist..
In todays medicine it is not unusual for a dr in one speciality to have superb skills in procedures that are traditionally the domain of other specialties. It depends on the individual dr training ,interests, and experience
 Plastic surgeons in general have no training or experience in pelvic floor reconstruction. so for this kind of a surgery you are better of with your gynecologist who knows a womans body best

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I would like to have a rectocele, cystocele and vaginal tightening with labiaplasty. Is a gyno or plastic surgeon best?

Thanks for your question.
Rectocele and cystocele are done by Gynecologists with a special interest in Pelvic surgery. Labiaplasties are done by Plastic Surgeons as well. Its best you consult a Gynecologist first and depending on the Surgical Plan a Plastic Surgeon could be your second port of call
All the best.

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Gyno or Plastic Surgeon for Vaginal Surgery?

Your safest choice is to choose a cosmetic gynecologist who also performs cystocele and rectocele repair (also called anterior and posterior colporrhaphy). This can be a gynecologist, or urogynecologist who has further specialized in cosmetogynecology. Make sure you review the surgeon's before and after photos and speak with patients who have already had the procedure done with the surgeon you're considering. While plastic surgeons may sometimes perform labiaplasty or vaginal rejuvenation, they are not trained to address pelvic organ prolapse or repair a cystocele or rectocele.

Who fixes rectoceles & cystoceles & does vaginal tightening & labiaplasties?

Rectocele and cystocele repairs are performed by PELVIC reconstructive surgeons - a group that includes gynecologists, urogynecologists & some urologists. Some pelvic reconstructive surgeons are also expert in vaginal tightening and labiaplasty. Some PLASTIC reconstructive surgeons do labiaplasties and fewer still do vaginoplasties (vaginal tightening), but none of them do pelvic reconstructive surgery unless they happened be trained as gynecologists or urologists prior to becoming plastic reconstructive surgeons. I hope this answers your question.

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