I am four months post Breast Reduction and my nipples are to high and my horizontal scar four is cm up on my breast. (photo)

The doctor says he can re-cut the horizontal scar and pull it down, but he had difficultly in the first surgery as my skin did not stretch enough, this was the Horndeski method.I was worried that my nipples would be pulled out of shape when pulled down and can he pull them down so my horizontal scar actually sits where it is meant to be.

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High Nipples After Breast Reduction

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Thank you for your question.  High nipples are a very difficult problem to correct.  Overtime, the breast tissue will settle and the nipple position may migrate inferiorly, but not much.  Unfortunately, there are not many options, but as you mentioned, one would be to remove some soft tissue inferiorly, along to inframammary fold.  However, this too can be problematic because this can flatten the breast or decrease projection.  Having a long and honest discussion with her plastic surgeon would be a great place to start.  If you decide that you still are unsure, a consultation with a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery with expertise in breast revision surgery would be another option.

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Horndeski Breast reduction

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A nipple that is too on the breast mound can be a real problem so I appreciate your concern.

The lowering of the nipple can be difficult and the other approach is to elevate the height of the breast tissue mound to make the nipple appear in a "lower " position on the newly repositioned breast mound. 

Offering specific advice though will need a full assessment and examination 

Jeremy Hunt

Breast Reduction and my nipples are to high and my horizontal scar four is cm up on my breast.

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 I am sorry to hear about your concerns after breast reduction surgery; they are certainly understandable.  Unfortunately, it is difficult to give you good advice because I am not sure exactly what was done during the "Horndeski" procedure.   Best wishes.

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