I am now 16 days post tummy tuck op and my wound is definitely getting worse before it gets better.

Every few days I have fluid leakage coming from my wound. I believe its seroma! After my tummy tuck there was no drainage. My surgeon keeps saying hopefully thats the last of it but it keeps happening every few days. Should I be concerned? Also after the op I was on Keflex anti biotics. Then when we realized it was very infected he put me on APO - CLINDAMYCIN . They are now finished and Im back on the Keflex. My wound is still very infected and im worried these pills are not strong enough.

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Wound breakdown

Wound breakdown after a tummy tuck is uncommon, but is more common at the T junction after a Fleur De Lys abdominoplasty (which it appears you have had). They do eventually heal by themselves, but often do so faster if the dead tissue is removed first - that can be performed under local anaesthetic in your surgeon's rooms but a more complete job often needs a quick general anaesthetic.
Good Luck
Dr Gavin Sandercoe

Sydney Plastic Surgeon
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Complication of tummy tuck

Dear lindaingvars, 

Unfortunately you have a small complication after tummy tuck. Probably your surgeon has already explained the reason of this to you. What we see from the picture is a small area which had blood supply deficiency after the operation and now dying slowly. The dark crusts are death tissue and with time they will be replaced by healed skin. However it will take a long time (probably 4-8 weeks) and your surgeon might operate it to shorten the healing time. The most important thing to tell is this is a complication (unpredicted and unwanted occurrence) and absolutely not a doctor fault. I am sure your doctor will handle it best way and you will heal completely. 


Ege Ozgentas M.D. 

Professor of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery

Ege Ozgentas, MD
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