Ethnic Rhinoplasty of 23 yr-old female living in Sydney-looking for surgeon. (Photo)

Looking for a surgeon in Sydney or interstate (preferably Sydney) who has experience in Ethnic Rhinoplasty. My background is of Pacific Islander, so I have a wide nose and I hate it and always been self conscience about it!! I'm wanting a more narrow bridge and slightly pointer tip. I don't want it drastically small because I still would like it to be in proportion with my other features. I've posted photos of my nose and also what I desire it to look like.
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Ethnic Rhinoplasty


Thanks for the question and raising a good point.

There will be defences in races and racial facial proportion, so of course there needs to be a different approach to rhinoplasty in those of different ethnic backgrounds.

The term " Ethnic rhinoplasty" is used when a surgical procedure is modified to take into consideration the tissue make up of particular ethnic group.  the technical aspects of th procedure need to differ and the result needs to maintain and be consistent with a persons background.

I suggest seek the opinion of a surgeon with experience in rhinoplasty and I assure they will have dealt with the needs and requirements that different ethnic groups require so as to achieve a good result in each individual case

All the best

Jeremy Hunt

Sydney Plastic Surgeon
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Ethinic rhinoplasty

 you can have nose quite a lot  simulating your desired nose while maintaining ethinicity. you require LIMITED dorsum augmentation , tip sharpening and more projection, also narrowing of ala.
in india we do ethinic rhinoplasty regularly  wich cost you approxinatly 2500 USD

Milan Doshi, MS, MCh
India Plastic Surgeon
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