Double bubble 1 week post op. (photo)

Hello, I got breast implants exactly 1 week ago (smooth round) now I can see a double bubble!? What can I do to fix this?? I love far away from my surgeon and cannot get in contact with him as it's the weekend. Please help!

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Double bubble

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Hi Trish

This has occurred because your surgeon lowered your infra-mammary fold. At a week post-operatively, I would wait it out - as the implants drop, this may all settle out. If it is not improving by 3 months post operatively, then minor revision surgery might be necessary.

Good Luck

Dr Gavin Sandercoe

Double Bubble

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It could be that your surgeon lowered your crease. There is nothing to do but wear a proper supportive bra and contact your surgeon for a follow up exam on Monday.

All the best

Double bubble 1 week post op after breast implants.

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Thank you for your question.  I do see the suggestion of a double bubble which would indicate the implant is below the normal inframammary crease.  However you are early in recovery.  There is nothing emergency to be done now I suggested he wait through the weekend and contact her plastic surgeon so you can revisit that surgeon for an examination and diagnosis.

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