I'm interested in the semi circle countours associated in the lower region and the big cleavage look. Is that possible?

. im a 60 kg male and want to get pec implants. my issue is that im worried my doctor will end up choosing the wrong size. my issue is that i dont want to create a body builder inflated look but at the same time create a very chiselled pec region. do the styles of implants cater for this. im more interested in the semi circle counturs associated in the lower region and the big cleavage look rather than adding bulk in the upper chest area. is that possible?

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Pectoral implants choosing the right size

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There are 3 styles of pectoral implants Aiache lozenge shape ,Novak more rectangular shape and customised implants. The size of your chest wall' the morphology of your pectoral muscles and you aesthetic goals must be assessed by a surgeon experienced in pectoral augmentataion so you can achieve your goal

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