Any cream or machine to help even out Columella? (Photos)

7 weeks after rhinoplasty Columella close to piltrum appears sunken or deep set and still sensitive and with a slight scar almost healed, any cream or I need revision? Pls Help expert PS

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Columella Scar

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I see what your problem is and there are several solutions. For now, staying out of the sun is the most important thing you can do.You can try silicone sheeting, scar gel, vitamin E oil to soften the scar.  You can also try gentle massage.That may help, but ultimately you may need dermabrasion or scar revision.  This isn't an option for several more months though as your body isn't done healing.  Keep with the above and the revisit your surgeonBest of luck,

Dr Rodman

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Rhinoplasty results

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You are still early but I see your concern.  I would speak with your surgeon about scar care.  Over time you may see this area begin to fill in and smoothen out.  Scars take up to a year to fully heal and yours is still making collagen.  If a scar heals poorly it can usually be revised after given appropriate time to finish healing.

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