Can the corners of my upper lip be upturned? I find it hard applying lip liner to this area as it disappears! (photos)

I've always had an issue with my upper lip. It seems to disappear into my lower lip before the corners of my top lip hit the corners of my bottom lip. I recently had 1ml of juvederm ultra plus to correct this but I can't see any improvement to this issue. Apart from that I'm really happy with the filler! Actually, I also have a lump of my bottom lip. Should I see the injector soon before it "sets"? I'm up to day 3 post treatment.

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Lump in lip after filler

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You should wait about 10 days for the filler to completely settle before going back for evaluation. I see a change in the corners but if you want further improvement discuss with your doctor. Botox or Dysport in the DAO will upturn the lips more.

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