Does cool sculpting tighten loose skin and fat pockets ?

I'm quite firm everywhere except my inner thighs, bum and love handles. They are quite soft and squishy. Will cool sculpting shrink and tighten theses area?

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Fortunately it may may decrease the appearance of age do to a more "chiseled jawline" it does not help tighten the skin nor is it FDA approved for tightening of the skin.

Centennial OB/GYN

CoolSculpting Does Not Tighten Loose Skin

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CoolSculpting works to permanently reduce fat in treated areas. It does not address any loose skin or tighten skin. Normally, most patients do well with their skin recoil post CoolSculpting treatments without too much skin sag, but it all varies depending on your skin quality. It is always best to have a consultation to determine if this is the right treatment for you or if there are other options available to address your concerns.

Does Coolsculting tighten loose skin?

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Coolsculpting is a great method which has developed by a Harvard trained dermatologist that allows us to reduce fat in a given area non-surgically.  Some patients will feel that along with a fat decrease they have also noticed the skin tightening.  We have found that the best combination to tighten and both reduce the fat is do a combination of coolsculpting followed by Thermage for skin tightening.  For the best cosmetic results please consult a board certified dermatologist with a great deal of experience with coolsculpting.

Patient Question: Does coolsculpting tighten loose skin and fat pockets?

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CoolSculpting is an FDA approved technology that noninvasively causes a reduction in the thickness of the fat layer anywhere that the machine is applied. It doesn’t exactly ‘tighten’ fat pockets, but instead it causes selective death and removal of fat cells that makes those pockets smaller. Multiple studies published in the peer-reviewed medical literature have confirmed this effect, and of course, over a million people have enjoyed the changes in their body shape using CoolSculpting. There have also been a few published reports of improvements in skin texture and laxity (and even cellulite) but we’re not sure yet which patients are most likely to experience this improvement. It may be more noticeable for younger or older or men or women: we just don’t know yet. Just as important, there have been zero reports of adverse changes in the skin or other tissues from CoolSculpting. The good news is that at least the fat layer is reduced in virtually everyone with CoolSculpting.

CoolSculpting is an FDA approved technology that noninvasively causes a reduction in the thickness of the fat layer anywhere that the machine is applied. It will shrink those areas and may tighten the overlying skin. It is FDA approved for your thighs and love handles, and is also used “off label” for your bum.

Robert G. Fante, MD, FACS
Denver Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Will Coolsculpting tighten skin

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Coolsculpting is not a skin tightening procedure. It does take about 8 weeks to see results and you skin elasticity will tighten to some degree like when patients lose weight. Everyone's skin elasticity varies and is largely genetic or related to the overall health of an individual. Also if you lost a significant amount of weight your skin will likely not tighten at all. That being said, Coolsculpting works great for love handles and the skin in that area tends to be more elastic and loose, saggy skin is rarely seen from Coolsculpting. 

Does Coolsculpting tightens loose skin and fat pockets?

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We have performed coolsculpting on hundreds of patients in our office.  It is a great treatment for those who are only within 15-20 pounds of their ideal weight and generally have stubborn fat bulges.  We have seen amazing results and the patients have an extremely high satisfaction rate.  We have also seen many patients with some skin tightening response after the treatment.  We wouldn't treat loose skin with coolsculpting, however, once the fat cells are eliminated in the treatment area, we have not seen one patient who has had loose skin as a result. 

Dominic Castellano, MD
Tampa Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Coolsculpting for reduction of fat in an area - not for tightening

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coolsculpting is a technique to reduce pinches or pockets of unwanted fat. After Coolsculpting there will be natural skin retraction but in an area where skin tightening is needed, Coolsculpting will not tighten the skin to any significant degree. It is not a skin tightening procedure. A non-invasive radiofrequency treatment such as Thermage or exilis or Thermitight can be used to tighten skin in body and facial areas.

Skin shrinks along with fat

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Unlike liposuction, fat loss with CoolSculpting helps to tighten the skin. 

People are generally concerned that the results aren't immediate after a CoolSculpting treatment but I explain to them that actually this is ideal because it gives the skin a chance to shrink along with the fat, unlike with liposuction. The elastin in the skin is given the appropriate amount of time to shrink, similar to losing weight slowly. Unless someone has really lax skin, the skin at the treatment site should tighten up nicely. 

Surya Challa, MD
Chesapeake General Surgeon


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coolsculpting selectively freezes fat cells to induce programmed cell death. It has been FDA cleared to treat the abdomen and flanks; however, there are many off label uses for effective treatment of other areas. Have an in person consultation with a doctor that performs coolsculpting to see if you are a candidate.

Suzanne Kim Doud Galli, MD, PhD, FACS
Washington Facial Plastic Surgeon

CoolSculpting Can Be Done on Fat You Can "Grab"

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CoolSculpting is a procedure that can be done on areas that have fat which you can “grab” – if you can grab it, CoolSculpting can be used successfully to reduce the fat under the applicators that are used – about 20% per treatment session. While there will be some natural contraction in the overlying skin, one may need to add a second modality, such as one of the radiofrequency (RF) devices to make more of a significant skin tightening – like the Venus Legacy, the EndyMed 3Deep, the PelleFirm by Ellman, the Alma Accent, or the BTL Exilis devices.

Michael Gold, MD
Nashville Dermatologic Surgeon
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