Are my breasts in proportion to the rest of my body?

I'm 19 years old, 177cm in height, i weigh 64kg and I am fitted to a size 10E bra. If i go to a doctor and complain about my breast size and how they are causing me severe back pain and neck aches, will the doctors brush this off or will he/she take it seriously? i feel like i am only overacting but i'm self-conscious about the way my breasts look (areola shape and size/sagging breast) and aware that my depression has grown from the ongoing issues my breast give me.

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Breast Reduction Surgery

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A plastic surgeon will treat each case, like yours, seriously. I see several patients with the same concerns as you, and most are good candidates for breast reduction surgery. In fact, many of these patients who choose to have this procedure done find a significant, noticeable improvement.

With that being said however, breast reduction surgery is not necessarily the right option for everyone, which is why I recommend booking an in-person consultation with a highly qualified, board certified plastic surgeon, as he/she can better asses your individual situation.

Are my breasts in proportion to the rest of my body?

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It seems that your breasts are causing you severe back and neck pain. Breast Reduction has been scientifically proven to improve your symptoms and your posture. The benefits are real and long lasting. Every patient of mine who had a breast reduction wished they had done it earlier. 
Breast Reduction surgery reduces the size, improves the shape and gives your breasts a breast lift.
Most doctors would empathise with your condition and would refer you to a Plastic Surgeon for an opinion
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Breast reduction

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In my experience if something is limiting your enjoyment of life and causing pain and distress, then it is reasonable to seek an expert opinion about having that issue addressed.

A breast reduction may likely solve a lot of the issues and I would suggest seeking the opinion of plastic surgeon and getting informed as to the pros and cons and options.

From there you can decide if the procedure is for you. In my experience patients who consider, then undergo breast reduction do not regret it, as it does unlock the ability to enjoy the simple things other people do take for granted.

Jeremy Hunt

Breast Reduction

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You should at least go and have a consultation with a plastic surgeon.  They can evaluate you and make recommendations.  You are nineteen and so many plastic surgeons may encourage you to wait until you are older.  I evaluate each patient individually and don't have a set age limit at which I will perform a breast reduction.  I have done breast reductions are patient's younger then you who have had extremely large breasts. Good luck!

Timothy A. Janiga MD, FACS

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