Breast Incision doesn't appear to be properly joined together. Could I be left with thick and open looking scars? (Photo)

At Day 10 post-breast augmentation I had my dressing removed. The nurse said 1 of my incisions was a little slower at healing & required more dressing tape for another week. Hubby took a pic of it as I obviously couldn't see under there. After leaving i viewed the pic & was shocked at how it looked (however I have no idea how it should look). It doesn't look like the skin is lined up to rejoin, & doesn't look like it can join nicely. Is this the case? Am I likely to get a thick gapey scar?

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Bad picture

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unable to tell from the picture you sent. Sometimes the tissue/skin will look bunched up, that is normal and is often done on purpose to help with the scar. If the tissues are everted then they will lie flat after healing vs if they lie completely flat they may actually invert a little during healing. IF there is actually a gap, then yes you are correct, those areas will heal by secondary intention healing(across the skin) leading to a wider scar, which YOU still won't be able to see. Be patient, see how it all plays out over the next several months. 

Breast incision

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Thank you for your question. Sometimes it is difficult to comment from picture. It may heal ok but please see your PS for evaluation. 

Breast incision doesnt appear to be properly joined together. Could I be left with thick and open looking scars?

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Thank you for sharing your question and I can see your area of concern.  Unfortunately without an in-person examination it is difficult to assess your skin alignment based on the picture alone.  I would see your surgeon for an in-person evaluation and discussion of your closure, they can provide you with the best reassurance. 

Needs a check

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Keep up with your doctor visits. This area of bunching in the suture line can turn out fine.

Don't try to pull it open.

Breast Aug Scars

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In the absence of infection...give it time. I wouldn't consider scar revision for at least 6 months in general for surgical scars. I've never seen an inframammary scar require revision. Follow your doctor's protocol for scar management, and you should do fine. Best of luck.

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