Getting Breast Implants removed. No Replacement. Do you think I will need a lift? I'm looking at an internal mastopexy? (photo)

Getting my 11 yr old 275 cc silicon gel implants removed no replacement I have capsular contracture on both sides that causes pain and is uncomfortable. I saw 4 surgeons and the one I think I am going with has suggested explant with capsulectomy with internal lift as he thinks I will be depressed with how they will look if I don't get it But I'm not sure as it's not something i even considered to be honest as I am young (30) and I assumed my breast would be ok after a year or so? Opinions?

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Do you need a Lift after Capsulectomy?

I do not think you need a lift after capsulectomy. Your implants are very high, and they are stretching the skin above your nipple areolar complex and pushing the lower part of your breasts further inferior. This will correct itself after capsulectomy and implant removal. Your skin will bounce back in no time, less than 6 weeks, given the fact that you are still very young. If your implants are under the muscle. repair of the cut pectorals major muscle will further improve your result with fuller cleavage.

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