BA and Crohn's disease. Would my drugs affect my eligibility as a BA candidate? Or my healing time?

I am wanting to have a BA mid next year. I have Crohn's disease and take Salofalk daily, as well as Methotrexate once a week followed by a tablet of Folic acid. Would these drugs affect my eligibility as a BA candidate? Or my healing time etc? I have not yet consulted with my surgeon or gastroenterologist but I definitely will, just curious at the moment.

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Breast augmentation and Crohn's disease ...

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Thank you for your question. You should be just fine to have breast augmentation surgery. Many women with Crohn's disease undergo breast augmentation. Consult a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss your options. 


Crohn's disease and augmentation

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I would recommend that you treat the Crohn's disease prior to augmentation.  This consists of avoidance of milk (due to the paratubuclosis), and treatment with antibiotics that will eliminate it.  Also low dose naltrexone is effective in increasing the immune system and has helped patients with your condition.  After your regain your health, breast implants surgery will be a lot safer for you.  Look on the internet for the high rate of success treating this disease by treating the cause.

Crohn's and BA

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Hello there 
I have done several patients with Crohn's without any adverse effect , although we always warn that the immune-suppressives may increase you risk of infection .
Liaison between your plastic surgeon and your gasteroenterologist should make it go smoothly .

All the best 

Terrence Scamp, MBBS, FRACS
Gold Coast Plastic Surgeon

Crohn's disease and breast augmentation

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The immune suppressants that help hold your Crohn's at bay do increase your likelihood of wound complications in breast augmentation, but not enough to avoid the operation.
Put it this way, plastic surgeons operate on diabetics, patients on chemotherapy, radiotherapy and other immune therapies all the time for more complicated procedures than breast augmentation.
The key is informed consent, i.e. you being aware that your risks are slightly higher than the average patient.

 I hope this helps and good luck

BAM and Crohn's disease

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You are a candidate for a breast augmentation once assessed as is every patient.  Your medications need to be allowed for in the healing process, which may be a little longer than a patient not on immunosupression, but it does not men you can not have the procedure.

To me the key will be that the plastic surgeon will need to be in touch with your gastroenterologist to see what medications may be needed around the time of the operation to avoid a flare in your Crohn's

In short it is possible and the key will be communication ans a multidisiplinary approacgh to ensure you get the best out come

Jeremy Hunt 


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Thank you for your question and I do not see a contra indication but be certain to be cleared by your gastroenterologist

Dr Corbin

Patients with Crohn's disease can have breast augmentation.

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Obviously your operation will have to be cleared by your plastic surgeon in your gastroenterologist. However though there would be modest increase in risk I don't see it is a contraindication to the operation.

Extra coordination and precaution

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There have been concerns regarding the possibility of developing bleeding and infection complications with the continuation of methotrexate and salofalk.  However, discontinuation can cause flare of Crohn's.  These are conversations that need to occur between the gastroenterologist, the plastic surgeon and you.  The risks and benefits of all of the options regarding the medications and breast augmentation need to be considered based on your particular medical situation.  The surgery likely can be performed.  It just needs extra coordination and precautions.

Breast augmentation for patients with Crohn's disease

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We've done breast augmentation and other cosmetic procedures for Crohn's patients previously.  As long as they are in good health, it's an acceptable risk.  You do have to understand that on medications such as methotrexate, steroids, etc., healing time can be delayed, and some complications (such as infection and wound healing delays) may be slightly higher.  

Unfortunately, we can't undo the fact that there's Crohn's in some patients.  I personally view stable Crohn's as a precaution, but not as a strict contraindication for breast surgery.

Your surgeon and GI doctor may have different feelings based on the actual facts of your case, so be sure to discuss this with them.

Surgery with chronic illness

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I recommend you discuss having surgery first with your medical doctor to see if you are medically cleared for the procedure.  Surgery is a stress, and any stress can cause a chronic illness to flare. I have done a BA on women who were stable with their Crohn's disease and they did well.Iif you are not well controlled, wait until you are.

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