6 weeks post op BA - sore spot on incision. (photo)

I am 6 weeks post op and my incisions are healing well except for the end of one where I have a small pimple/hole. Is this an undissolved stitch? It doesn't seem infected and I can't see anything poking out but it is tender/sore to the touch. How long should I monitor it for, will it resolve on it's own? I am soon going to a festival for one week where I won't have access to a shower or medical facilities for one week. Should I use an antiseptic cream to prevent infection during this time?

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Incision Care

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If you are uncertain it is best to have your Plastic Surgeon see you in person and clear you. Based on the photo you have provided it appears that you are healing very well and any small, irritated spot would be superficial and resolve soon on it's own. Keeping it clean and covered for now is a good idea.
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