Should I Apply Anti Inflammatory Ointment to Scars Following Mole Removal to Prevent Scarring?

I have in the past week had 20 moles removed from various parts of my body (mainly lower arms, legs and a few from my back). I still have stitches in situ. Once removed, should i apply anti inflammatory ointment to the scars to prevent raised scars? (i have previously had many moles removed, and only once developed a ? keloid scar on my upper arm, which i had revised, and which has been perfect since)....If not, what is the best way to prevent scarring (i have been prescribed antibiotics).

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Mole remvoal

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You will always get a little scar after and excision is what I tell all my patients.  I instruct my patients to apply some vitamin E cream or oil, Bio-oil or sorbelene cream to the area, a week after the sutures are removed.  Patients are instructed to massage the area once to twice a day and this is to aid the scar breaking down and becoming softer.  There is anecdotal  evidence that Bio-oil also aids in fading the colour of the scar, however this is not clinically evident.  I believe it does not matter so much waht you put on the scar, so long as you massage it on a regular basis.

Raised scars or Keloids are prone to appearing in certain areas of the body and also if there have been any complications suchas infection or irritiation of the wound.  They can also occur you are genetically prone to them.  To minimise these from forming you can also apply a daily tape to the wound or a silicon based pressure dressing. Pressure does minimise the formation of keloid scars..

Hope this helps

Stephen Salerno

Melbourne Plastic Surgeon

Local care after mole removal

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Extensive studies of wound healing in animal testing has shown that keeping an excision site "moist" will help promote healing and minimize scarring. Therefore letting a wound become dry and scabby would be detrimental to healing. There are no other magic ingredients to minimize scarring although lots of money is spent on products that do little more than keeping the area moist. I instruct all of my patients to apply petroleum jelly after a surgical procedure. Aquaphor is also a great product and worth the few dollars more. Antibiotic ointments and expensive healing serums are unnecessary and a waste of money.

Mitchell Schwartz, MD
South Burlington Dermatologic Surgeon
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Post care for mole removal

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You should be keeping the site clean and remove any scabs. Clean it twice daily with 1/2 hydrogen peroxide and 1/2 water, and a qtip. Apply Polysporin to it and keep the site moist. Cover with a bandaid if needed to keep the Polysporin on. This keeps scabs and dried blood from forming, which is what can lead to more scarring.

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