Teeth taken out, dentures made wrong, no money, need implants. Age 30 can't stop crying can't go out can't eat

Had teeth removed due to poor condition on NHS.twice had dentures made,each time miles too big.been back to dentist almost twice weekly.I'm not vain just would like to eat and be able to go out once in a while.partner and 2 year old son,can't afford implants but really need them for a quality of life .badly advised by dentists at different stages,really depressed given up on typing cheap implants on Google,could at most raise £1000 but would put us in even more debt.any help appreciated.thank you

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YES! , you have a solution, there are dentures that can be hold with minimplants, and they work great!, they re affordable, and they will give you a solution,to all your problems, you will be able to bite, and chew,meanwhile you get regular implants, with different techniques, but minimplants, with snapindentures, are one of the most revolutionary affordable solutions for patients with failed dentures.

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